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I recently bought an expensive item with a proportion of viscose in as well as cotton and it seems to me to look very shiny and sadly therefore rather cheap, unstylish. Are there other processes that have been patented that have a set blend of specific fibers? All of this mean viscose is ideal for wearing next to the skin: underwear, socks, undershirts etc. I love the softness but was disappointed when I became too warm while wearing it. And I, like many others, first believed viscous was a man-made fabric, until I did did some reading. And ‘am delighted with my lightweight viscose leggings! Would dry cleaning prevent any shrinkage? Viscose is a pretty old fabric now; about 150 years old. Not so with natural fabrics, I have a favourite Mississippi blue check shirt. It’s horrific. I always wear 100% cotton but it’s so difficult looking at labels on every garment I like. While this article provides some insights on the performance of viscose and it’s position and “neither natural nor synthetic” due to its intense chemical processing which is indeed the case, I am surprised to find no information about deforestation that tends to happen when sourcing wood for viscose. Thanks to its characteristics, several industries use it, to create a wide range of products. Hi, Claire, I love your blog on Vicose and learned alot about it, I’m actually wearing a 100% vicose fabric dress, and i like the semi hard texture but flowly feel of it, I’ve washed it many times and the color and texture is still the same. Is there a great variety of qualities of viscose out there please. I completely agree, although not synthetic, the chemicals used to process this fabric are environmentally harmful! It is breathable warm in winter and cool in summer. If a cotton garment and a viscose garment are compared after they have been worn and washed the same number of times the cotton garment looks to be in much better condition. Most all women wear bras made from chemicals that is the major issues for breast cancer. I read the information about the manufacture of viscose & it mentioned viscose is called rayon in America. Modal is considered more durable, lighter, and (even) more breathable. Viscose fares well in the budget department while also feeling luxurious, but has a larger negative impact on the environment and tends to be somewhat inconvenient when cleaning. hemp and opium do not come from the same plant! Viscose has many desirable qualities, which makes it a wonderful fibre to work with in many ways. The smell is horrible. Used in shirts there is a no more comfortable fabric (with, maybe, the possible exception of very high quality linen and very high quality cotton). Viscose rayon is also used to make synthetic velvet, which is a cheaper alternative to velvet made with natural fibers. Since the garments dry so quickly it is not necessary to put them in the dryer. Most recently I purchased a few dresses from Marimekko (by accident, I didn’t realize they’d started using Viscose.) I have also become aware what flammable fabrics do to a body when accidentally set on fire. So sorry to hear you have this condition. if you rewet them sometimes you can stretch back to shape. I refuse to buy viscose rayon as it is toxic to humans and the environment. If you do the garment will have a long happy life. I’m trying to work out which fabrics are the best to use from the point of view of environmental sustainability. I get seriously pissed off whennpurchading a garment that I appear to be paying top dollar for only to find bout it’s made from viscose/rayon.I hadn’t seen this cheap fabric since the 1970’s!! The look and feel of viscose fabric is suitable for both formal or casual wear. All treated fabrics leach into the body. I wanted to learn more about this fabric because I just wore a blouse made from this fabric. Viscose fabric is the type of cloth based on artificially obtained fibres of cellulose origin. I have a special love for viscose. Great info, only thing missing was laundering info in more detail. I sell bed mattresses. Because viscose is made from renewable plants, it is frequently cited as being environmentally friendly, and sustainable. After many times of wash, you still found bits bits of fibres in your wash basin. I will buy more of this fabric in the future. I also cannot wear viscose comfortably. (-: I bought some viscose to make a blouse. However, none of these are particularly negative. It is interesting how a fabric can cause so much divide in opinions, where the pros and cons can stack in either way depending on the person. for her wedding dress. Hello, I asked a buyer at my daughter’s school why it was that the major retailer she works for, and so many others, have so few garments for women on sale that are manufactured from natural materials. Wonderful blog! If you hang them while wet and stretch to shape, they dry needing little or no ironing. Thank you for any help you can give. Viscose is a cellulose fiber - plant derived, much like cotton. Polyviscose is best described as a semi-natural or semi-synthetic fibre. I shrunk a favorite dress into a mini-dress (and I am way beyond the age to wear minis, believe me) because I forgot to take it out of the laundered clothes when I loaded the dryer. There is so much to consider if the environment is important to you. It can be natural, synthetic, or manufactured. I love sewing with cotton, but organic cotton is very expensive and conventionally grown cotton is an environmental disaster – grown on 4% of the world’s cultivated land but uses 25% of the global consumption of pesticides!! I am not sure if you guys have experienced the way I washed my cloth made of viscose. Viscose was first produced in 1883 as a cheaper, artificial silk. The label says Dry Clean. I have hyperhydrosis which causes me to perspire profusely if I wear anything other than cotton. Do you know companies in Western Europe that make rayon/viscose?

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