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For the amount of money paid, I was hoping for a much better flight. ", Cons: "The flight from Vancouver to Seattle on the 31st of July was delayed by two and a half hours, the return flight on August 5 topped that by one hour resulting in a delay of more than three and a half hours and a missed connection flight to Port Hardy. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Chennai to Cochin Flights - Book Chennai to Cochin flights at cheapest price. Cons: "Flight was delayed leaving New York and arrived Abu Dhabi late. Cons: "services provided to impaired handicap persons ,need improvement thanks", Pros: "Food choices included vegetarian options" The sad part is, vayama and Air Canda (mis-spelled on purpose - deserves even less respect) do not even offer a partial credit if I want to cancel. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Kochi from anywhere in United States. If you want to work between flights, head to the Business Center located in the Canopy area of Cochin International Airport. ", Pros: "Good seats with leg room." I have been a loyal flyer making at least 2 travels in a year with Emirates and I'm ready to switch now. Cons: "We paid an extra $100 for each ticket for premium seating, supposed to be a step above the basic coach ticket with more leg room (my partner and I are 6'+), but our seats were no different than anyone else's. My seat ate who was a stranger to me got messily sick and the attendant was gracious and helpful to her. ", Pros: "The Airport handling staff I happen to deal with in Chicago and Dubai were very courtios and helpful . The movies and certain music on the menu were a good range." Cons: "Not enough storage space. When the food trolley came to my seat in the mid section of the plane, the hostess with almost a desperate look told me that only the vegetarian dish was available.I told her that I definetly need the fish or chicken dish.She scrounged around and ultimately gave me the fish choice whereas all the rest around me had to do with the vegetarian fare.Why this stupidity of a grandiose menu card?...The menu list states a list of liquor available in flight in the economy class.The hostess was serving the same only to those who specifically asked for it and that too as if she has to pay for the same.What a shame on the airline.You folks can do much better than this, in the so called cattle class.Sitting in a preassurised tube for more than 21 hours to reach ones destination is agony by itself, but then getting into your flight after seeing the goodies offered are only in paper, is a sad disappointment. Should have better process to check for that", Pros: "Enjoyed the food and the service from the crew. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Kochi Airport is 17 miles from the center of Kochi. ", Pros: "The staff as helpful and attentive", Pros: "It got me from my home country to my destination." 25% of our users found tickets to Kochi for the following prices or less: From Los Angeles $547 one-way - $708 round-trip, from Houston $687 one-way - $883 round-trip, from Dallas $690 one-way - $906 round-trip Cons: "In economy class, the seats are not as roomy as I thought and leg room space is not suited for overseas 12+ hours travel comfort. There are no direct flights from the UK to Kochi. NOTHING." ", Pros: "The environment was good and clean The food was on time and fresh", Pros: "This aircraft was top of the line. Cons: "I was very pleased with my flight. Must be handled at the counter. I just don’t understand why they are unfriendly. ", Pros: "The economy seats have an innovative recline which really adds to comfort, especially for such a long trans-Atlantic flight. Cons: "The food choice", Pros: "I liked the cooperation of the crew." There was a good variety in entertainment selection on the individual screens. Inattentive stewards. Flight arrived a bit late and took-off 3 hrs late than the estimated take-off time and there was nothing offered in-flight during this time apart from water, which was a very bad experience. ", Cons: "There were no blankets and my wife found it very cold", Pros: "Flight attendants are very sweet oriented. Cons: "Better luggage Service", Pros: "movie selection on international flight was great." Airport Flights from John F. Kennedy Intl. ", Pros: "Give more food options" The fold flat seats are comfortable and roomy, the food and meal service, when you want it is convenient if you wish to dine on your schedule, not the airlines and the general high level and friendly service was much appreciated. If flight is cancelled, then own up to it and put people on next flight. We ended up walking around Souq Waquif and the downtown until 1am (we are two young females!) Sadly, one of the first people I talked to really did want to help and arranged flights that would have gotten me back on track but he was prevented from confirming the changes due to management. I just would have been a problem for someone else. ", Pros: "It's amazing flight ever Ghezlan the hostess she awesome and helpful with all the passengers I love her cause she's wonderful", Cons: "Faulty Seats. The crew was very professional and helpful. Food was not good. Never ever travel via Etihad. I was only transiting thru Canada - the ground staff were horrible. Cons: "More movie selection would be nice", Cons: "Pathetic airline service especially towards senior citizens.. One of the worst airline.. Poor baggage tracking system and Etihad staff lacks knowledge about their own airline..", Pros: "I sat in the aisle seat so it was fairly roomy. Cons: "Free WiFi and Dancing boys", Pros: "The flight crew/staff were professional and very helpful and accommodating to the passengers from check in to deboarding." ", Pros: "Travel bag (with toothpaste, socks, etc) was given." Others were getting on with three and four bags. Ground staff were terrible." Never am I going to use any of these or perhaps visit a bass-ackwards country like canada" So why not spend the night at the Eastend Airport Suites, for example? ", Pros: "The seats were fairly comfortable for such a small plane." In fact, the seating chart the agent provided for selection when on the call to add this was not for this plane, as it turned out. $4.95 plan is basically good for 5 minutes, $11.95 plan maybe lasts 10 minutes. Cons: "I wish the airline was a bit more organized with boarding. Cons: "Nothing i like even. Cons: "When I flew to Toronto the plane left 15 mins late but arrived an hour an twenty min late. Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, this facility or feature may or may not be available till further notice. Cramped seats", Cons: "The booking site limited my name to 24 characters and charged me $200 to fix it on the ticket. ", Pros: "Service was great, check in was easy. Since we had to leave so early in the AM, we didn't get breakfast either. Cons: "Business Class: You have to place your order for all food and drink at the start of the flight because the flight attendant disappears after serving. ", Cons: "The flight was delayed by 3 hours making me late for the next two flights and ultimately costing me an entire day longer in transit. Would fly again" The "lounge" space they have between the first and business class cabins is fantastic; its a small bar like area where you can get out of your seat and chat with other passengers, watch news, read or whatever, and not be confined to your seat. One of the staff helped me switch from the full row I was in to an empty row which made the long flight so much more comfortable. Thank you. Had to rush to catch the connecting flight. Cons: "Nothing not to like. Wonderful airlines. Food was delicious and balanced and was served with real silverware. I felt accommodated and my questions were answered in a timely fashion. Ethihad needs to do more for international passengers to help them find an accommodation at least. ", Pros: "First time flyer with them and can't say enough hood things about it. Then put all passenger in old Bus to Islamabad a 5 hours trip. I don't think I have ever received better service from an airline or a hotel. Entertainment was stopped 30 minutes before arrival. Cochin International Airport also provides a number of lounges for passengers that wish to relax between flights. Cons: "It took two hours to check my bag at the airport. ", Pros: "customercare was good. You're out of luck. ", Pros: "Nothing" Unfortunately it was very condescending the way she talked to the said lady. Cons: "Food wasn't that great. The inflight after ringing the call bell for 10 minutes, was disgruntled to attend to us, literally screamed at us saying she was busy in the back and we need to be patient. What was given was not that good. The price of a Dubai to Cochin flight ticket varies between a minimum AED 283 or up to AED 11430. Needless to say our one time trip to Sri Lanka didn’t happen the way we planned. The air hostess was friendly but I kinda got a feeling that she is doing me a huge favor when I asked for something more.

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